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Biden-Harris vs Trump-Pence: Where Are We Headed?

I believe that we must distinguish between two analytical levels: Reporting on the facts and tactics used by the parties involved, on the one hand, and lasting and strategic consequences for the US political system, on the other. Regarding tactics, the situation is quite dynamic, and legal specialists are essentially divided on what the American Constitution would allow, especially regarding the legal loopholes that Trump's supporters would like or simply could use to try to reverse the situation on the ground. A likely and highly risky scenario for the Biden-Harris ticket is that Trump's campaign operatives could be able to force the adoption of what is established by the Amendment 12 of the US Constitution whereby the states through their members in Congress will choose the president and vice-president based on one vote per state. Most probably all of this would result inevitably in a victory for the Republican side as they control the majority of St ate delegations in Congre