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Hitler’s Circle Of Evil: A Great Documentary to Watch

If you still think that Nazism was a bolt from the blue and that Hitler and his gang were parachuted from another planet, think again. Watch Hitler’s Circle Of Evil to learn how Nazism has grown deep through the German democratic institutions with significant financial support by the usual "hidden hands" to become one of the major nightmares of the XX century that left behind 55 million dead. This documentary is a crucial wake-up call for those wishful thinkers who still dream that the US, and more in general the Western democracies, are vaccinated against such a risk. Just carefully watch the documentary then try to put in perspective many US administrations since the end of World War II, in particular the current Trump's administration. You would be damn surprised to find out that Germany indeed lost the war but Nazism as ideology in its deepest criminal plans continued to our days...underneath... and that it can reappear publicly on the political scene anytime. The Cor