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Video Killed the Radio Star....Amazon Killed the Shopping Mall

I was right in the middle of writing a new post when a friend of mine made a suggestion I couldn't disregard. Here is what: It happens to me that once in a while I get involved in online conversations, sometimes heated and full of flames. Very recently I ran through a couple of weeks of forum discussions in a LinkedIn interest group formed around "Internet of Things". The end result was a number of relatively long posts. Quite a few are directly related to the topics I am touching on in my blog. I accepted my friend's friendly challenge and decided to publish them all here. I report only my personal comments for obvious reason. But if there is anybody out there interested to read all the posts made by various participants, they can always enroll in "Internet of Things" group and look for the discussions I have attended. Things learned One of the interesting things I learned when I received my very first phone bill for my home abroad was something that ma

Verum et factum reciprocantur seu convertuntur (The true and the made move on each others, G.B.Vico)

If simulation projects to anticipate, emulation goes further: It simulates  to accommodate one or more planned actions whose objectives are beyond the emulation process itself. In systemic terms: Emulation consists in imitating the behavior of a given or hypothetical system (the guest ) with the help of an existing and actually available system (the host ) in order to allow carrying out specific tasks within the former. The distinctive element of the act of emulation is the focus upon "exact reproduction of behavior" of the guest through the host (cfr. Wikipedia). In other words, the ultimate goal, the output, of an emulating system  is the cloning of an emulated system in all its distinctive properties . Emulation is not designed to introduce any permanent replacement in the real world: It's limited to help bringing back to (temporary) life otherwise extinct objects, or materializing (reifying) pro tempore future "objects". Therefore, emulation's greatest

Something in effect or essence, if not in fact or reality?

We call it virtual and it's already part of our daily life! But what is it? Something that exists in effect or essence, but not in fact or reality , according to the exact meaning of the word. But is this definition still and always right? I guess my short answer is yes and no ! Yes, because there is a version of it that is covered by the official meaning. I call this instance paleo -virtual (ancient, old virtual). No, because during the last few decades in particular we have invented a new version that has literally broken out of the old semantic container. I would call this,  neo -virtual (new, recent virtual). I think it's time to provide a new definition: The neo -virtual (the one I am going to focus on) should be defined as something that exists in effect or essence as well as in fact or reality! Paleo-virtual + Neo-virtual: The resulting notion is therefore an oxymoron , self-contradictory expression, right to reveal the paradox behind it. The neo-virtual is about a

I have a daydream...

I chose to call my blog "Virtualize This! Servicify That!" because the idea of virtualization and servicification became a sort of constant background of my latest daydreamings: Yes, I see the physical world of things sort of "disappearing" and getting replaced by new nonpalpable experiences. I see the surrounding real world kind of "simplifying" in the sense that many familiar "objects" just losing their "physicality" and literally "virtualizing" into "applications" that return those objects' functionality, utility of use , as "services"...This is what I would like to open up my blog posts with. Welcome to Virtualize This! Servicify That! Before I forget. Please consider all my posts in perennial beta ( Nobless oblige ! Google does it so do I.)   since I may go back to edit them as I move forward. This is what makes so different a blog post : It's and remains a live thing  that grows as your thoug