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How to Understand Cryptomarket Turbolences

There are 3 important market forces whose actions and interactions seem largely determining the cryptomarket rises and falls. They are as follows: A) The generalized actions of *cryptobots* that run reportedly 60% to 80% of the transactions and the overall Order Book activities across all the major exchange platforms;  B) The *Pump or Dump Signals* generated by all size online P&D groups increasingly with 10s of 1000s of members recruited on a daily and/or permanent basis; C) The manipulative maneuvering of media outlets, social media peddlers, celebrity influencers all working as *bounty hunters* for the so-called *team investors* aka P&D online groups. If we carefully keep track of these 3 factors including their combined interactions then we simply discover that both the traditional *technical analysis* and the analysis based on some hypothetical "intrinsic value" of this or that coin or token become largely irrelevant. What should be the guideline for the s

How to Get Rid of Eductional System Inefficiencies

Ways Blockchain can help: 1) Blockchain can help eliminate paper. 2) No more need for a central authority. 3) Educational institutions will save money. 4) Blockchain-based cryptocurrencies will simplify payment systems. All that helps to progressively get rid of Brick & Mortar educational system blackhole and move towards cost-effective universal e-learning.

Crypto Bullshit: Cryptocurrencies Markets Nonsense Analysis

During the last few months, I have been empirically observing the daily charts across the major exchanges as well as reading through almost all the cryptocurrency market comments and analysis (including the so-called technical ones) for a paper that I am preparing for an ongoing contract research project of one of my firm's clients. I have focused particularly on the analysis related to the current ups and downs of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. And now I am just shocked: With the exception of a very few cases, I have never ever read such an amount of nonsense, clueless analysis, and utter BS. To make things worse, in many cases, the titles of the articles have basically nothing to do with the articles' content while the titles themselves appear as clearly been chosen to manipulate the distracted readers.  Here is my question:  Aren't we entitled to have decent cryptocurrency market-related comments and analysis?  While I understand that this is a new field and i

Cryptocurrencies & Looming Trade War

WILL BITCOIN AND ALTCOINS BECOME SOONER THAN EXPECTED THE ONLY OPTION BOTH FOR PEOPLE TO KEEP THEIR LIFE SAVINGS, AND COUNTRIES TO SALVAGE THEIR MONETARY RESERVES? China holds $1.17 trillion of U.S. government debt. If there is a trade war, China could swiftly reduce its U.S. debt holdings as a political weapon against the Trump administration tariffs proposal. If that happens, the dollar could fall and other countries could follow suit and sell their holdings. At that point, cryptoassets (Bitcoin, Litecoin, etc. ) will become the only realistic alternative.