How to Understand Cryptomarket Turbolences

There are 3 important market forces whose actions and interactions seem largely determining the cryptomarket rises and falls. They are as follows:
A) The generalized actions of *cryptobots* that run reportedly 60% to 80% of the transactions and the overall Order Book activities across all the major exchange platforms;
 B) The *Pump or Dump Signals* generated by all size online P&D groups increasingly with 10s of 1000s of members recruited on a daily and/or permanent basis;
C) The manipulative maneuvering of media outlets, social media peddlers, celebrity influencers all working as *bounty hunters* for the so-called *team investors* aka P&D online groups.

If we carefully keep track of these 3 factors including their combined interactions then we simply discover that both the traditional *technical analysis* and the analysis based on some hypothetical "intrinsic value" of this or that coin or token become largely irrelevant.

What should be the guideline for the small trader in such a confusing context? I do not have any actual solution yet but I can recommend learning as much as possible about Buy and Sell Walls.

Here is a good starting point:


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