More than 95% of post-ICO startups fail for a number of reasons such as bad business concept, inadequate execution, inexperience, unpredictable market events, etc. ICO, or whatever we want to call this new fundraising paradigm, by far is not the direct cause of failure nor, on the other hand, can it be considered as the mantra to make disappear major business model and execution inefficiencies. 
We need to keep in mind: ICO is just a new model, a fresh approach that tries to solve a fundamental problem of the entrepreneurship life cycle, which is not related to the performance of a startup team but to the accessibility tout court: The main goal of ICO is the democratization of access to investment capital. 
Any critique of ICO should ultimately offer a workable solution for the accessibility issue otherwise it becomes ultimately a shallow ideological prejudice with the inevitable resulting dogmatic rejection of any innovative approach. 
Until we elaborate a better response we need to work with and around this novel methodology without cynical attitudes. On the other hand, there are promising redesign works based on Smart Contract concept, which allow for improved compliance and risk mitigation. 

Bottom line: ICO might die but long live the ICO!


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