I have a daydream...

I chose to call my blog "Virtualize This! Servicify That!" because the idea of virtualization and servicification became a sort of constant background of my latest daydreamings: Yes, I see the physical world of things sort of "disappearing" and getting replaced by new nonpalpable experiences. I see the surrounding real world kind of "simplifying" in the sense that many familiar "objects" just losing their "physicality" and literally "virtualizing" into "applications" that return those objects' functionality, utility of use, as "services"...This is what I would like to open up my blog posts with. Welcome to Virtualize This! Servicify That!
Before I forget. Please consider all my posts in perennial beta (Nobless oblige! Google does it so do I.) since I may go back to edit them as I move forward. This is what makes so different a blog post: It's and remains a live thing that grows as your thoughts develop.
Ok, another last point. As you see I don't like anymore to put on the straitjacket of systematic elaboration. I like to take this whole thing as a (virtual) journey across things, people and ideas...Just notes and notes....Just travel journals like those kept on board by "crazy" people who take long trips to look for the unforeseeable, the unbelievable and even the unreasonable!!
In my senior ages I love visiting territories off the map, those lands that are yet considered as "places where the lions are" [ The classical phrase utilized by ancient Roman and Medieval cartographers used to be HIC SUNT LEONES (literally, Here are lions) when denoting unknown territories on maps.]


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