Draining the Crypto Swamp

It was just a couple of months ago when Elon Musk got sued by SEC with a substantial fine for a series of tweets that resulted in stiff market manipulation. But, when it comes to cryptomarket boisterous manipulations by the high school dropout celebrities and self-styled crypto experts, we still do not see any actual and consequent reaction by the US Regulator nor by any other authority in other countries. Why?
One important reason appears to be the lack of specific legal instruments. The other reason is indeed the overall murkiness of the cryptomarkets, which is sadly misconceived as the expression of market freedom.
The opacity of the cryptosphere has become a fertile pasture for all kind of predators, fraudsters, reckless market manipulators, celebrities either directly organizing or on the payroll of pump & dump gangs, token hooligans for hire, etc.. The worst are the self-styled online crypto publications and broadcasts including those under the well-known media outlet brands, that actively participate in fraudulent schemes or directly organize them.
In absence of Regulators intervention, is there any grassroots way to start draining the crypto swamp? Yes, we need to publicly report and discredit the perpetrators across any available media outlets.


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